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Warning on Cheap flea treatments - why they are killing pets?

Warning cheap treatments are killing pets

Every pet owner will, at some point in the life of their pet have had to deal with and find a treatment for flea infestations on their pet/home.

The parasite treatment retail sales market is huge, with many different manufacturers fighting to get there share of the market.

In order for you to understand which products work for your pet you need to understand the life cycle of the common flea. The flea is a blood sucking external parasite, that bites your pet, then lays eggs and in two to seven days the eggs will hatch out into the larval stage of the flea.

The flea larvae then feed on the dirt deposited by the adult whilst it feeds upon your pet, and the cycle continues until your pet and your home is infested, depending on the right conditions.

Depending on your choice of treatment, flea treatments work by interrupting either one stage or all the stages of the flea life cycle .

A trained vet is always the best person to advise you on the best course of treatment for your specific pet, and we would urge you to utilise this service before putting unknown chemicals from cheap supermarket products life Bob martins onto your pet - if it should go wrong as recent reports appear at best you will have a hefty vet bill and worse your pet could die.

Never use the cheap products you may find on the supermarket and budget store shelves, these cheap products are a lottery of effectiveness and safety that could put your pet at serious risk if he/she reacts badly to the product.

Before using any flea treatments seek advice from a suitably qualified person like a vet or pharmacist, and only administer the correct amount for your pet and it's weight as advised by that suitably qualified professional.

It is a false economy to buy the cheaper budget products. If you want to clear your pet of fleas use of the budget products in the long run when your pet has a reaction and is seriously sick from poisoning and treatment to clear your home, the cost of remedy will far exceed the purchase cost of the correct, safe and proven flea treatments.

Think Safety first, when putting any products on your pets, you don't know if it will put your pet at risk.

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