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We get a fox rescue request this morning, and a sad outcome.

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

This morning we received a request for help just down the road in Queensbury. On our arrival a beautiful dog fox was laid motionless at the side of the road, it looked in excellent condition, and his nails were shredded, and he had one missing on his back foot, so we determined he'd been involved in collision with a vehicle.

We did also notice his obvious LHS eye issues, but this was put down to the impact from a vehicle.His legs worked even tho he was obviously collapsed, he was dehydrated but had good colour to his gums, so we were hopeful he had a chance at recovery.

We rushed the fox straight to a vet in Halifax. They were great and gave him a thorough check over, he had issues with his walking probably from being involved in the traffic collision, but more worrying he had severe eye problems and didn't appear to be able to see, maybe an answer as to why he was clipped by a car on such a quiet road. ​​

He had severe pigmentation issues in one of his eyes, and it had started in his other eye, the vet suggested a very serve head trauma/bleed, or it was a cancer type degenerative condition, plus he wasn't reacting normally at all not blinking when he should even tho he wanted to give someone a good bite.

After a discussion with the vet, it was decided he clearly wasn't going to recover and never be released back into the wild even if he ever got back to his feet, he was terrified and also dehydrated, so on welfare grounds the vet quietly put him to sleep.

If you find any wild animals like this fox, please call someone this guy would have likely, greatly suffered if not found, or worse found by someone who doesn't like Foxes.

You can always contact us here at Y.A.W.S, and we can see if we can assist or put you in the right direction for help.

You can complete a rescue request here

https://www.yorkshireaws.org/wildlife-rescue and we will contact you back.

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