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We have a cat up a tree and it looks like it's stuck, what do we do?

So you have noticed a cat up a tree or similar, and it appears stuck?

These kind of jobs are dangerous for all concerned and more so the cat, cats are equipped with a full set of crampons(claws) helping them to gain purchase on things helping them climb up things. Unfortunately, they don't work so great coming down again forward facing, the cat likes to see where it puts its paws and going backwards down a trunk is something they dislike.

If you see a cat in this situation call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 and log the call, so this makes them aware of the time the cat has been stuck, nothing is typically done for the first 24 hours, the best course of action is that the cat finds it's own way down. And they do, we have never heard of a cat starving to death trapped up a tree.

If the cat really does needs to be helped this can prove very dangerous for any cat, but for a nervous cat if it panics and jumps out of the tree when rescuers are snapping branches to save the cat. In our experience 50% of these types of rescue end with the cat jumping, outcomes vary at best the cat is shocked and uninjured, but fatalities have happened.

It can take a cat 3/4 days to get down, so unless the cat is at significant risk (over a river, high winds) monitor the cat carefully. Maybe think about the services of a tree surgeon who will likely make less noise than the RSPCA and the Fire service, when climbing to reach the cat.

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