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Woody the Christmas Eve rescue found wet, weak & cold.

Our latest rescue 24/12/18 a lovely pigeon Picked up by a lovely person called Paula who found this little one collapsed and wet through on Xmas eve, she picked him up took him back to hers dried/warmed Woody up and did a great job looking after him until I could get to him.

After assessment he has no obvious injuries or illness he’s just a young bird struggling, he’s emaciated and so weak , he is currently being tube fed a liquid diet so his body isn’t using energy he can’t spare to digest solids.

Keep an eye out for further updates.

We’ve also had a collard dove in this week from Thornton in Bradford but he was so ill with canker and so weak that he didn’t make it we were too late and his body was too weak for the time needed for the medication to work.

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