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Would you like to help protect badgers?

The Yorkshire Animal Welfare Society is proud to announce we are in talks with the newly reformed Calderdale Badger Group about working together in partnership to help badgers, Britains badgers are one of the most persecuted of all of our wildlife species here in the UK.

For decades badgers have been persecuted by baiters and land owners, so much that they have the highest protection in law than any of our other wildlife.

But this legistlation today is not enough even more now the government who implemented the legislation is hell bent on blaming badgers for the bTB epidemic in farming and on very poor science, constructed to provide a very dubious link between the badger and cattle.

Rather ironic really 'killing badgers to save a species that is doomed to die anyway for meat

Badgers need our help more than ever for the protection they deserve, whether that's petitioning the government and working together to provide better education on badger issues, and to provide monitoring and protection of badger setts from baiters that constantly want to torture and kill badgers for their own sick enjoyment.

Would you like to help protect badgers, Could you volunteer for the new Calderdale badger protection group.

Calderdale badgers need you!

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