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Y.A.W.S rescues another cat attack nestling

The very young Collard Dove nestling noticed in the mouth of a cat by our caller in Halifax, she saw her cat playing with something in the garden and went to investigate and noticed the very young dove squab on the floor.

The helpless young bird was picked up and made comfortable when James went to collect the baby, on his arrival, and after checking the little dove over, they had a quick trip to our vets in Bradford where Terry the vet issued antibiotics for the minor injuries the little squab suffered in her ordeal.

The Collard Dove is now in the care of Lisa one of our Y.A.W.S bird rehab volunteers and will be with us for a while yet.

Raising baby birds like this lucky little one is very labour intensive and sees our volunteers working round the clock to feed and care for these babies, please get advice before you pick a baby bird up. Please consider donating to Y.A.W.S to help us, help more animals.

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