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Y.A.W.S responds to Woodcock in trouble on xmas day

Whilst most people were enjoying the seasons festivities with loved ones on Christmas day, our team at Y.A.W.S was still on call and we received a rescue call from a family in Ilkley, they had found this lovely woodcock in an horse riding arena.

The woodcock was observed just standing being unresponsive and in danger of being trampled by horse using the arena, if the little wader hadn't been noticed and rescued, this is when our finder called Y.A.W.S for help and a Y.A.W.S Volunteer went out to collect the stricken bird and he was fully assessed to see why? this Woodcock, a normally very sensitive and shy nocturnal bird was sitting out so exposed during they day.

The Woodcock was very thin and had been struggling a while before he was found, he had a definite issue with his wing but he was quite stressed on his arrival, so we administer fluids and pain relief and he was put in a recovery unit to settle down. before we could properly assess his wing.

Whist we monitored the woodcock's behaviour we observed some quite strange behaviour, and completely out of character for such a sensitive bird.

The woodcock didn't seem responsive to our presence and when disturbed rather than attempting to evade us, he just paced up and down with the tip of beak touching the wall.

We fear the poor woodcock is blind, so we monitored overnight, unsure as what could of caused this we needed to seek medical advice, the following day we took him to the vets for assement.

After assessment it was found that the issue with wing was an old injury that rendered this poor chap flightless, he seems to have been coping until blindness has hit as confirmed by the vet and by the birds behaviour.

This was very sad for us because this bird must be a real fighter to be able to evade predators up to this point he had managed to survive not being able to fly.

On the vets advice he was quietly PTS.

His needs could never have been met in a captive environment not being able to see or perform any of his natural behaviour like fly, forage. It was a sad decision to have to make but in the intetests of the woodcocks welfare it was the correct decision.

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