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Y.A.W.S working with Vets saving a Collard Dove - Aireworth calls

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

We often get calls from vets in the West Yorkshire area, we work with numerous vets across the county, and this is no exception we get a call from Adel at Aireworth vets in Keighley after a member of the public took in a collard dove squab.

Picture of the collard dove on its way to the release aviary to further its rehabilitation back to the wild.

The team at Aireworths kept the baby for a few days when we collected the little dove and transferred her to Y.A.W.S Lisa who held her for a week to ensure she was feeding by herself. When Lisa was confident the little dove could feed itself, Lisa transferred her with another in her care to a release aviary to further her development and get them ready for a life in the wild.

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