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YAWS gets backed by business 2017

During August we had a lovely surprise from the guys at Reptilia exotics and Reptilia reptile rescue as the announced they will be sponsoring Yorkshire Animal Welfare Society in 2017, they have pledged to donate stock and any equipment we need that they stock and also helped us out with supportive products with a value of £80.00.

We are very pleased with this partnership and its received by YAWS with the utmost gratitude and hope it continues into 2018.

The guys at Reptillia have a wonderful shop and rescue, with great animal ethics and exotic experience they don't sell any animal without first finding out if the person has the experience to look after the animal and has the correct equipment to give the animal a great life.

They also have started a rescue within the umbrella of the shop due to the amount of people requesting help and they take in hundreds of unwanted and neglected exotics from all over including the RSPCA.

Please support Reptilia and visit these wonderful people help their business grow so they can help more unwanted and neglected exotic animals.

Visit them in Ossett NR Wakefield in West Yorkshire - please do tell them you have got their details via YAWS.


We are a dedicated team and have many years of experience of keeping pets and have several successful breeding programmes. Our love of pets has developed into a business where we sell online and a fully licensed pet shop in Ossett, West Yorkshire. We offer an aftercare service for all our animals sold as well as holiday boarding option from as little as £2 per day. Free services such as nail trimming and animal sexing also advice on choosing the right pet for you. 01924 694461."


Also this month we had a lovely donation out of the blue from Angela at Wear Your Voice of £200 and this will go towards looking after the animals we get asked to help.

These guys run an award winning vegan clothing design company Voted Best Vegan Fashion in the UK Vegan Festival Awards 2017, specialising in new and innovative clothing designs all with a great message all directed to help animals, please pop along to their website and browse around the great products they sell and the profits they make they donate to organisations like Yorkshire Animal Welfare Society.

Visit Wear Your Voice here and support this great business that helps animals.


if you know of or in a business that may like to get great publicity for helping animals? We would be very pleased if you would nominate Yorkshire Animal Welfare Society as a sponsor or donation source please pass our details on.

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Every penny we get goes directly into helping animals have a second chance at life.

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