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YAWS NEEDS YOU! Sunday 1/10/17 volunteer recruitment coffee morning

Here at the Yorkshire Animal Welfare society we are solely run on the good will of our valued and cherished volunteer team, giving up what ever time they can spare to help animals.

We need people from any background and any skill set with a will to learn about animals and how to care for them, and to help spread the word of our animal welfare work.

We have a role to suit you, it doesn't matter if you are unfit, disabled or bored of the day to day run of the mill daily life of work and in your spare time you want to do something new and excitingly different whilst meeting like-minded people all coming together helping to make animals better.

You may be a whizz on the computer, we desperately need people to help with managing the website

We of course will slot you into our organisation based on your abilities and skill set and your interests, every single role you decide you would like to excel at, is as important as the next, every little helps us all work together to help animals which is everybody's goal within YAWS,whether you feel you can manage and monitor our website,

We need people to monitor and update our social media platforms running fun and sometimes serious articles and answering calls for help.

You may have the gift of being able to talk to people and help us to raise vital funds also identifying and forging new and valuable business relationships with big businesses in our area.

You may also be confident enough a communicator to liaise with our partners and organisations like the council and other similar organisations to help us deal with the prime issues facing our animals everyday.

We always need people to run awareness and fund raising events, and to help us to be an effective voice for animals by identifying welfare issues and running campaigns to stop it.

Like our Stop the badger cull campaign 2017

Organising fun social fund raising or networking events

Talking to people and pressing forward the key issues that animals face and finding ways to breakdown the barriers that we face as animal rescuers with the financial restrictive system in the way today's society is run.

We need people to help build the infrastructure of YAWS, we always need a shed repairing or a new animal housing unit building, we are a new organisation working on little finances trying to build up its infrastructure, so if you have great diy skills that we could use or contacts for materials and infrastructure building please join us we' love to hear from you.

We are also looking for people with a bit of space, large garden or a bit of safe land we could put up soft release units and buildings for holding animals in a safe and secure environment.

We need volunteers willing to be trained to go out and pick up confined injured/sick animals and take them to a vet or bring them in to one of our rehabilitation units for treatment.

We need people to train as rescue and welfare officers, you will be called on in an emergency to help rescue animals at risk, whether that's a little cat up a tree or an injured swan on the canal

We are also looking for people to become members of YAWS and sit on the management board to attend meetings, take part in board votes and have a voice within YAWS to help us make the vital decisions on our goals and operational choices that will shape the future of the Yorkshire Animal welfare Society.

We currently are desperately searching for a trusted officer position as treasurer do you have the skills to full fill this vital and trusted position within YAWS.

If you have read to this point and think you would like to join our team and work within the West Yorkshire area initially, doing your bit to help animals then please contact us or come to our Coffee morning at St Ives visitor centre, on Sunday the 1st of October

Please message our team by sending us an email that you would like to come to our coffee morning and discuss how you can help us ,please email your full contact details and how you would like to help animals or what role you are interested in here at

info@yorkshireaws.org or message us on Facebook

here https://www.facebook.com/Yorkshireanimalwelfaresociety/

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