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Young ferret found in Keighley, risked her life to take rotten meat

On the 18/09/17, YAWS was called out to an incident in Keighley involving a mum ferret and her kits in a coal bunker in the BD21 area of this Bronte town.

We headed over there to find the caller had managed to confine a very young female ferret into a wire cat carrier and no babies.

The little scared ferret presented itself to the caller in the callers kitchen and just stood there waiting to be picked up, so when the caller saw the cold, scared Mustelid seeking warmth and assistance, this very kind couple gave her refuge.

The kind caller began to tell us how they only found the ferret when they let their dog out into the yard and the dog had alerted them to the ferrets presence, looking for what what the dog was carrying on a fuss about they then discovered the ferret, that just walked past the dog to seek help., the caller and family had seen the ferret in the area for a few days and when the juvenile ferret had been spotted previously she was carrying what appeared to be a baby ferret across the road, but then they lost sight of her. So when the caller had discovered that in fact, the ferret had been hiding in her outbuilding in this very industrial ,busy part of the town when the caller investigated to see if she had babies she discovered that the items the ferret had been carrying were, in fact, rotten old, green meat that she had been scavenging from the halal butcher's shop across the road.

This must of been the way she had survived up to now, but the meat was so rancid and rotten that it certainly wouldn't be of any benefit to her and its likely that the approximately 6 week old ferret had been out for longer than a few days because she was filthy, almost emaciated and so cold, she was still shivering when we arrived at the ferret rescue in Huddersfield.

(The little ferret having her first safe meal after we rescued her.)

We checked the area for a mum and other siblings but none were found, so we immediately but slowly warmed up the little Kit and checked her for any signs of illness and injury we then contacted a Sara at a ferret rescue in Kirklees who said they would take her on and we transferred her across to Sara.

(little ferret arriving at ferret rescue, a little feisty now warmed up, but she is safe, dry and warm)

good luck little ferret for one so young that has only been in the world for only a few weeks and already had to face adversity, everybody at YAWS wishes her a wonderful happy life and thank you to the RBU of Sara and her rescue.

If you have lost a baby ferret and this one could be yours Please make contact, but very important you will be required to provide definite proof of ownership.


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