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Wildlife welfare advice here

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.......So you've found an animal injured, sick or animal in distress, please read on YAWS is here to help, firstly if safe to do so please confine the animal and put it somewhere dark, warm and quiet, a cardboard box is perfect.

This will help to reduce any shock the animal is most likely suffering from and aid its recovery


Please, important to note! wild animals by the very nature of the animal being wild and avoiding people normally means they will likely be very frightened by your

presence and may fight, scratch and bite at you to get away, please

work to confine and put the animal into a dark box as quickly and safely

as possible to avoid further shock and distress.

Please be reassured that they will not benefit or want any sort of 

comforting or cuddling, and in fact, it may further weaken the animal and

through kindness reduce the chance of full recovery.


Time is of the essence for the animal's chance of survival, the quickest option available is to take the animal to a vet who can assess for free to see if the animal can be rehabilitated they will end its suffering quickly and promptly to avoid any further suffering.


Please provide the vet with our details and we will arrange to collect the animal directly or

you can drop the animal off at one of our  drop off-



We have currently have 2 rehabilitator's that will accept your casualty, one

is situated in Queensbury in Bradford with more planned in the future.


Please note our society is run by a dedicated team of volunteers and the welfare officers that will respond to animals at risk and need rescuing we don't as yet have enough Welfare Officers to guarantee that we will be able to collect any animals that can't be transported to us as quickly as you'd expect, if the animal is badly injured a vet is the preferred course of action.


Please go to https://www.yorkshireaws.org/single-post/2019/01/16/We-get-a-fox-rescue-request-this-morning-160119 to request help or you can email info@yorkshireaws.org  and someone will get back to you as soon as we can.


If it is a genuine emergency please call 07999976403, Please leave a message if unanswered we don't have the time to return missed calls.



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