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Emergency animal rescue.
If you see an animal in distress, the quickest way to help is to please try and confine it, if safe to do so and get it to us in Queensbury or take it to a local vet and give them our details and please ask them to call us.
If it is trapped or you can't get to it contact us, we will go out and attempt to rescue the distressed animal.
Found a sick or injured wild animal

Time is of the essence for an animal's chance of survival in a rescue situation, and the quickest option available is to take the animal to a vet.

Who can assess for free to see if the animal can be rehabilitated, they will end its suffering quickly and promptly to avoid any further suffering if the animal has no chance of survival.


Wildlife welfare Information

Worried about a wild animal
Visit here to check in on how our rescued are doing.


January 2019

Rescued Tawny owl after he falls down a chimney in Ilkley.


Taken to Corio bird of prey care and rehabilitation for assessment and will be released back after some care with Nick at Corio


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